You're one choice away from a better 401(k).

Imagine having the power to improve your company's retirement plan with one decision. When you select Benefits Solutions Group, Inc., you gain that power.

Bill Cohron and Benefits Solutions Group Inc. can take a look "under the hood" of your retirement plan and fine-tune it, revamp it or even rebid it in search of better utility and better performance. Bill can act as a fiduciary on plans which gives you the legal right to trust him.

Look at the difference Bill brings to you with the Single Source Solution.

No hidden fees or limited choices. The plans Bill designs are transparent. You can pick and choose from a world of investments, not simply the limited fund offerings of one company or platform. Suddenly, your plan is more flexible and more attractive.

For optimum benefit, investments need to be managed. Few retirement plan participants ever change their investments after enrollment. Worse, they chase after last years winners, causing them to "Buy High and Sell Low". Customized portfolios generally have greater diversification than the "off-the-shelf" versions. Benefits Solutions Group's customized portfolios use high quality investments and diversify the assets across many areas of the market and rebalance periodically forcing a "Sell High and Buy Low" strategy.

Rest assured. Plan sponsors need to have a process in place to assure that their employees have suitable investments available. Bill makes it easy with a thorough due diligence process. You will be able to justify and document each investment selection within the plan.

Availability of personalized materials. You want your employees to appreciate the retirement benefits you offer. You want to let them know the plan comes from you. Bill gives you the option of customized enrollment materials which appear to be yours exclusively.

The 401(k) you want is here - customized, uncompromised, and designed to meet your needs. Bill Cohron can help you create it, and follow it up with service and education so your employees can get the most out of the plan. Call or e-mail Bill and Benefits Solutions Group, Inc. today - you're just one choice away from a better 401(k).
Bill Cohron
Retirement Planning Specialist

601 Bel-Air Blvd., Suite 101
Mobile, AL 36606-3526
(251) 633-401K (4015)
(251) 338-2980

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